Derek Pierce SOAR Formula - Is This Affiliate Marketing Program A Fit For You?

Wondering if Derek Pierce's SOAR Formula is a fit for you?

Inside this guide,we'll dive into the topics the system covers, how it works, the benefits, pricing, and more.

What is the SOAR Formula Anyway?

SOAR Formula is a Affiliate Marketing program that teaches people how to make money online primarily through the means of affiliate marketing.

The program teaches others how to use SEO tactics and to be able to analyze what a market to know how to approach it from a "whatever it takes" standpoint.

The program was created by digital marketer and SEO consultant, Derek Pierce.

Who The Hell Is Derek Pierce?

Derek Pierce is from Alabama and started his journey into entrepreneurship as a real estate investor.

Derek claims that "he got his ass handed to him" from the real estate crash leaving him with a mountain of credit card debt.

He stumbled into affiliate marketing and used hard core SEO tactics to rank for affiliate marketing terms landing him on countless leader boards from product launches.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of internet marketing where you are an affiliate marketer, or affiliate. You promote products for affiliate companies on your website to earn commissions. To become an affiliate marketer, all you have to do is find affiliate companies that connect with your audience and sign up for their affiliate program.

Once you have signed up, the company will work with you to help optimize your website so that they can get the most out of it. This includes adding banner ads or text links that lead to the affiliate company's website. The best way for any company to make money online is by providing value-added content through SEO (search engine optimization).

How do you make money with Affiliate Marketing from SEO tactics?

Since affiliate marketing is all about making money online, affiliate marketers tend to use SEO tactics so that their affiliate website shows up at the top of search engine results for certain keywords.

This means affiliate marketers have a lot in common with those who offer SEO services. In fact, affiliate marketing and SEO are often mistaken as being one and the same thing.

SEO refers to optimizing your website so that it will show up higher in search engines' rankings when people look for certain keywords related to your business. However, this isn't enough because you won't just attract organic visitors but also those from ads that appear on SERPs (search engine result pages).

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money using affiliate marketing even if you don't have a product, website, or any email list.

The challenge for many is they find they don't have an email list or a following.

That's when Search Engine Optimization comes into play.

Search engine optimization (SEO) as an affiliate does not require that you know how to code nor do SEO, but it does require that your content be well researched and written along with include images and videos whenever possible.

Videos for Affiliate Marketing?

Video is a great method to rank in the top of the search engine, however some niches and markets Google doesn't always display.

That's why you need a strategy like promoted through the SOAR Formula by Derek Pierce.

He teaches you how to analyze a market, then pick out the best weapon to approach the market.

It very well may be an approach to use Videos with Youtube or it may be a blog post.

As well as some people aren't necessarily great or feel comfortable on camera.

In these cases, you'll need to figure out another method to getting in front of your audience.

This formula teaches you how to make money online without having anything at all, except information that others want. You no longer need your own product or website; you get them through affiliate marketers who are looking for affiliate marketers.

Can You Make Money without a Website?

Yes, affiliate marketers tend to use affiliate marketing tactics and strategies that help them generate affiliate sales.

This could be through email marketing or social media, but affiliate marketers tend to try and find the best way to establish a connection with their audience.

What this means is affiliate marketers often don't have their own blogs - they are writing for another business affiliate marketer blog.

So in terms of SEO it's important you are following Google's best practices for both on-page seo elements as well as off-page seo activities.

Can the SOAR Formula be used for service based businesses?

Yes! That's one of the great things about using this system.

You can utilize the same tactics for clients as well as your service based businesses to reach the top of Google and Youtube.

All while simultaneously building your affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate Marketing vs Clients

Clients are a great way to start making money without the need for doing any work first.

You can simply tell a client you'll do all the work and collect a check.

It's a difference with affiliate marketing where you put in the work first.

Affiliate marketing is more of a passive asset.

The thing with the SOAR Formula and Derek's overall approach is to never put your affiliate eggs in one basket.

Instead, build a brand.

Then promote multiple products under that one brand.

He uses the analogy of apartment investing.

If you have a 36 unit building and lose one, it's not the end of the world as you still have the potential to cash flow the rest of the units.

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How to Get Started with Derek Pierce's SOAR Formula

The program is fairly pricey if you were to pick it up off the main website at, it's listed at $5,0000.

However, Derek holds an online training class explaining everything in detail from the inner workings of the system, how he got started, plus includes an unreal bonus package that you can pick up for only $1K with an available payment plan for those of you looking to get started with affiliate marketing.

Simply go here to check out the webinar.